Thursday, August 31, 2017

Pitch Wars Mentee Bio

I'm so excited to participate in Pitch Wars this year. Last year, I met so many amazing writers, and I learned so much. That's my favorite part of Pitch Wars--growing as a writer and connecting with the community.


LOST meets AVATAR (the James Cameron movie, although I love The Last Air Bender) in this multiple POV Adult Fantasy novel, SAVING KENTÁN.

Alex never expects his plane to crash above the clouds.

Rather than falling to his death, he's rescued by a flying, fiery-haired beauty. In the process of saving Alex, Ginaveh's blood mixes with his, and he speaks and understands her language. Ginaveh takes him to her world, Kentán, and introduces him to the different clans that create day, night, storms, sunrises, and sunsets. Shortly after his arrival in Kentán, the clans lose control of their powers, bringing destruction to Earth and Kentán. The clans blame the human, demanding his immediate exile. If Alex and Ginaveh don't discover the truth behind the plane crash and the sickness, they will be forever separated, and the world responsible for the beauty of Earth's skies will be no more.



My love of writing began in 5th grade. When my teacher made me read my short story aloud to my class, she bawled. It was then I realized my words could move people, and I wanted to tell beautiful stories about complex characters.

Hubby and I have been married 12+ years. I have a 7yo boy who is currently in love with sharks and all things related to oceanic wildlife. I also have twin girls who are about to start kindergarten, and I'm completely freaking out. They are crazy strong-willed and energetic and not fans of personal space but lovable and share my love of reading.

I taught elementary school for five years and will start my first year teaching preschool in a month. My second grade class loved my writing so much they convinced me to turn my efforts to writing professionally.

*Loves this story as much as I am
*Critiques with positive feedback and suggestions for improvement
*Willing to do several rounds of revision/edits
*Helps eliminate unnecessary subplots 
*Enjoys brainstorming and lots of communication

Favorite Books:
*Redeeming Love--made me want to be a writer--Francine Rivers
*Shadow & Bone--Leigh Bardugo
*Daughter of Smoke & Bone--Laini Taylor
*The Wrath & The Dawn/The Rose & The Dagger--Renee Ahdieh
*An Ember in the Ashes--Sabaa Tahir
*The Forbidden Wish--Jessica Khoury
*The Game of Love & Death--Martha Brockenbrough
*A Court of Thorns & Roses--Sarah J. Maas
*His Fair Assassin series--Robin LaFevers
*Written in the Stars--Aisha Saeed
*A Voice in the Wind/Echo in the Darkness--Francine Rivers

Favorite TV Shows/Movies:
*Other favorite TV shows: Psych, Friends, Still Starcrossed, Person of Interest, Alias, Parks & Rec, How I Met Your Mother, the Office, Murdoch Mysteries, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, New Girl, and many more
*Various Disney movies--Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast (ESPECIALLY THE NEW ONE), Lion King, Tangled, and Moana 
*Harry Potter movies
*Most superhero movies--Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Wonder Woman
*Pitch Perfect
*The Notebook
*Pearl Harbor
*P.S. I Love You
*The Mummy/Mummy Returns
*Saving Mr. Banks
*Jurassic World
*All Star Wars movies
*Newer Star Trek movies
*All Fast & Furious movies
*I'm also a sucker for movies with spies, car chases, fighting, and romance